Welcome to Santeles' Book Page!.......Oral tradition was how stories and messages got passed down from generation to generation and today, it still remains an integral part of our culture. Modern technology also gives us another way to pass on those same stories and messages. Through the written words of various authors we can now enjoy the teachings through the reading of books.

The following list is the beginning of our sharing in this area and we will continue to update the list. Please note that some of the listings have been shared by others and in some cases might not have been read by myself as of yet.

If you know of a good book that you would like to share with others, email us the name, author and publisher and we will include it in this page.


First Nations Education in Canada... The Circle Unfolds
Edited by Marie Battiste and Jean Barman
Copyright UBC Press 1995
ISBN 0-7748-0517-X

Clay Pots and Bones - Poems
By Chief Lindsey Marshall - Chapel Island First Nation
Solus Publishing, Syndey, Cape Breton

L'sitkuk - The Story of the Bear River Mi'kmaw Community
Written By: Darlene A. Ricker
Roseway Publishing, Lockeport, Nova Scotia

Out of the Depths - Experiences of Indian Residential School
Written By: Isabelle Knockwood
Roseway Publishing, Lockeport, Nova Scotia

New Twenty-First Century Edition "We Were Not the Savages "
Written by Daniel N. Paul, 2000
Fernwood Publishing, Halifax, Nova Scotia, ISBN 1 55266 039 7

Mikwite'lmanej Mikmaqi'k Let Us Remember The Old Mi'kmaq
The Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq and Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology Nimbus Publishing

Poems of Rita Joe
Written By: Rita Joe
Abenaki Press, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mi'kmaq - Maliseet Nations News - Atlantic First Nation Newspaper
Mi'kmaq - Maliseet Nations News Association
Truro, Nova Scotia
For Subscription: (902) 895-2038

The Memories of Micmac Life
J. Richard McEwan
University of New Brunswick

Micmac Quillwork
Written By: Ruth Holmes Whitehead
Nova Scotia Museum

The Unjust Society
By Harold Cardinal
Copyright 1969 / 1999 Soft-Cover Soft-Cover... 1999 / Hardcover... 2000
ISBN 1-55054-483-7 In Canada $19.95 / In USA $19.95!