When our son Matthew started school, it provided an opportunity to share our First Nation's Culture with his fellow students and teachers. To make it more fun, made up stories were read and the showing of items to go along with each story, further excited the children. The "Sharing Circle Book" is a result of the sharing at Matthew's school.

This book is now available in most book stores and includes the following seven stories.

The Sharing Circle Book retails for $9.95. Larger purchases can be made through Nimbus Publishing Limited - (902) 455-4286 - ISBN - 1-55109-450-9.



Matthew enjoys a walk in the forest with his father to learn more about his culture. While walking they spot an eagle and Matthew's father teaches how important the eagle is to their culture. What Matthew doesn't know is that, after he arrives home his Mother and Father have a special gift for him.

Matthew is excited about going to Dustin's birthday party. He can't wait for Dustin to open his present. It is a special gift made by Matthew's father. Dustin is surprised and gets Matthew to tell everyone all about the special present.

Matthew's friend Jeremy comes to play. After Jeremy looks at all the things in Matthew's room, he spots something that looks very interesting. Matthew tells Jeremy all about what he has found and Jeremy gets excited when Matthew's mom gives him a gift.


Matthew and his family are going on their yearly camping trip. When they arrive at the camping ground, the family takes a walk on a trail and finds a surprise. With the help of Matthew, his family is able to help make sure the surprise will always be there for them and others to enjoy.


Matthew gets chosen to bring something to school for show and tell day. With the help of his sister, they take their drums and sing songs for the children. Even the children get to sing. They all enjoy the sharing of Matthew's culture.


Matthew joins Boy Scouts where his Uncle is a leader. They get to learn all kinds of things. Most of all the boys get to learn about the talking circle and how helpful it can be.



Matthew and his brother Josh go for their regular doctor check up. While there, they get to learn more about their culture with the help of their Father. The doctor even gets to share some teachings with them. Matthew and Josh are excited because they get to make something that helps remind them to stay healthy.