Cultural Education is a vital link to better understanding between groups of people. Learning customs, traditions and values help to teach respect and create better relationships.

During one and two day sessions, a variety of information is provided to help create a better understanding of the First Nation People of Canada. In particular, much of the information pertains to the Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia or the Atlantic Region.

Sessions are offered to groups up to 15 participants and can be made available at a variety of locations.

The Cultural Educator introduces and shares a wide range of information and covers the various topics.

Traditional Mi'kmaq land bases, Indian Act Legislation, Traditional Government, Roman Catholicism, Residential Schools, Loss of Status for Women and, other policies and issues of historical sigificance.

Education, Health, Community Development, and other relevant information.

Sweat Lodges, Sacred Herbs, specifically the Sweet Grass Ceremony, the Drum and Pipe, the Medicine Pouch and Medicine Wheel. The Talking Circle is also used in the session as a means of sharing a unique method for communicating.

Agendas are prepared to cover all information during a one or two day session and can also include a Medicine Wheel Workshop. This workshop introduces participants to better understand the concept and enables them to create their own personal Medicine Wheel.

The session also provides complimentary gifts and door prizes.

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