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With the help of my husband, we have tried to make this site enjoyable to you the viewer. We hope that you have enjoyed your visit and we look forward to your shared comments.

Please come and visit again for tea as we will be adding and changing this site from time to time. We'lalin, Santeles

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Amazing wealth of knowledge! I look forward to sharing with you.

Rob Young, NS Bushcraft

Chi Meegwetch!

Bob Theoret - Algonquin - Ontario, Canada

Hi there,
Excellent source of a wealth of information.
Thank you

Laura Ghedotte

Salutations from Chicago, Illinois.

Kahlil Crawford (Metis)

Kwe Santeles! Weltek Kisa'tu'n wula taqu'wey. Kelu'k tela'tiken lnuwey ewi'kmin aqq e'kinua'tajik piluwe'k skwiju'k koqowey uk jit kinu telo'lti'k.

Darren Stevens

Hi there, thank you very much for this information. It is very user friendly and will help me to teach about the the medicine wheel at many elementary school age levels. I find the way you organized this site so helpful, interesting and super informative.
Thanks again

S Simatos Educator, Montreal Quebec
Grades K-11

Thank you for allowing this valuable information to be available. I work with children and the organization that I work for, are currently trying to come up with a culturally aware curriculum. I found this page to be very helpful and interesting. Thank you very much.

Prayers and love from Conne River, Newfoundland, Canada :)

Dakota Stride

Thanks Santeles (Theresa) for your informative and interesting website. I appreciate reading about the eastern edge of Turtle Island as i am a west coaster learning what i can about cultural awareness of all peoples ... in the name of peace and love, unity and respect for everyone, here and now ... and, as we struggle to move forward into the future in a good way with all of us moving forward together.
Many thx for your efforts and information. :)

jj from Coast Salish Territories

Hi Theresa,

Thank you for sharing valuable information. Your website is very helpful, as I am learning and relearning traditional knowledge.

Great work, thanks again,
Many blessings,

R. Davies

Hi Everyone: Thank you for all the wonderful kind words being shared on this guestbook. To date this site has reached 65,852 hits. Not sure how many are ligit, but still nice to know people are using the site.

Theresa - (San'tel'es)

Hi Theresa....thank you for providing the link to this website. I am always looking for resources and information for participants in our Sensitivitiy Training for Foster Families Program. This is a wonderful resource to be able to share with them!

Debbie Thibault

I need to gather information so I can apply for a job at the Correctional Centre, to run programs for First Nation inmates. I am of Native ancestory and feel the inmates are forgotten and they are also the highest to be incarrcerated in the prison system today. I truely found your website a blessing for info that I need. Thank you

Irma Scarff

Very informative - I was looking to find out why the drums are always played at native gatherings. I am not native but interested in the history. I really learned a lot on this site - thank you!


Hi Santelas!
It was great meeting you at the Wabanaki gathering back the end of August, welalin-gil! Hopefully we'll meet again...

Derek, Krysta, Nathanael and Jonathyn

Very enjoyable site, welalin

Sarah Isaac

We met exactly one year ago and I wanted to share that I went to visit Uncle Clarence & my father on Memorial Day. I also want you to know that the soldiers from other wars placed flags at every burial spot and that I also placed a white rose (peace) on Uncle Clarence's tombstone and spread tobacco as you wished I would for Thanks. I would like you to please contact me so I can send you a picture of His special rememberance day. I will always cherish the day I met you and your family.

Judy jginter@stny.rr.com

thank you for informative knowledge and sharing
I have had a beautiful vision of an eagle when meditating
Your awareness raising is invaluable
May we be blessed w Peace and Unconditional love and light and May Higher Spirit also Bless and Protect our Mother Earth Spirit


Wonderfully insightful!

Santeles (Teresa) Joudrey - BRFN

Hi Theresa,
I've just spent an enjoyable morning reading your website. I have to agree with others who have said the look and feel of your site is very relaxing. I loved seeing the pictures and reading about your Meuse relatives and the First Nation History. I took the Medicine Wheel Test. There were some things I had to think about before answering - so it took a while. I've passed your website on to a friend who's family history is intertwined with the Mi'Kmaq and he passed it to his family members.
Thank you for this lovely morning......

Your cousin, Lissy (Upstate New York)

Well, it would seem that I was born several hundred years too late. I was born on Cape Breton Island sixty plus years ago but now live in Alberta and have always felt close to the land and nature. I live with great sense of shame for what my white forefathers have perpetrated against the First Nations of North America (and still do). If I had the power I would chose to live here long ago when there was no pollution, no television, game was plentiful and a sense of community was greater. I would love to sit and watch the fire or the stars and hear stories told around that fire. I hope I die before I see the last of the buffalo or the last of any First Nations peoples. I know for me there is only one God and I hope if there is forgiveness for me in this life that I am born again in a time and place that has been lost to this world, to dwell there for eternity......

Andy Veres

Hello Theresa. I was speaking to a group of school children today and brought in 4 of your books from the "come learn About First Nation Culture" series.I also sent with a list, Frankies name and your name to google and came across your site. Not sure how I missed it before!! Love it. Great teaching tool for all of us...and certainly one that teachers can use to expand on the knowledge of First Nation Culture and specifically the Mi'kmaq. All done with respect and of course done at times with that Meuse sense of humour. hugs, joan
( little turtle woman)

joan smith

Hello from Massachusetts, USA. I am a family researcher that has worked on my own family for several years, but I do enjoy bringing the same pleasure, on occasion to other families. Lately I have brought a little unknown information that I learned about the Meuse family of Nova Scotia to a friend, and then today I see that the unusual spellings could likely be of Indian origins. The grandparents in question are Henry Meuse and Elizabeth LeFave and I see from the census that most of them were fishermen. I will be looking forward to sharing whatever I learn for my friend and will read your website this evening. thank you.


Hello Santeles,

I am enjoying your site and will continue to enjoy and share it with others! My great grandmother is Mi'kmaq and was also a Meuse..I do not know to much about her or her heritage, but this is an enjoyable start.. Keep up the good work and thanks for creating and sharing this site.

Mary Rose Smyth

I have found your site very informative . I am a Metis woman living on the west coast of Canada . Keep up the good work .


Just to let people know that if you email at theresameuse@eastlink.ca, I can provide answers or suggestions to some of your questions and thoughts. Thank you to everyone for your kind words about the site as we enjoy being able to share with all. Wela'lin

Santelas (Theresa)

On September the 25th, APTN channel, was shown a documentary on the achievements of the Mi'kmaq people, the rehabilitation of the river, the re-organization of the community... I was very impressed. Your people have given us the right approach in establishing an economic system, they have demonstrated its validity practically.

Many paths can be followed successfully to the survival of
our civilization, but they will have to comply to the principles put forward by the Mi'kmaq, I say. I would like to view a second time this documentary. How do I proceed? Is it available on DVD ?

Farewell Theresa and Namaste.

Louis Bruneau
Franklin, southern Quebec 450 827-2226



I received an Answer Feather recently as a birthday gift. I've used it twice and now I am so thankful for this gift. I found your website while I was looking for information about the Answer Feather. So it looks like this is the third answer that the feather has helped me with. Your website is a blessed place. I'm not sure why but it seems to radiate peace and tranquility. Thank you for the time and energy you have invested to create and maintain it. I am certain that I will be a regular visitor! Namaste to you and yours.

Lisa W.

Hi Theresa,
I have to say that you have a beautiful site, I just found out that The Qalipu Mi/Kmaq First Nation Band has now made history and being a part of that is just pure joy. I am so very happy to learn of our ways. I know I also have a lot to learn, but I am so willing to read what I can and to join everyone in this wonderful history

wanda doyle brake

It was so awesome meeting you, your daughter and cousin this weekend. I hope you enjoyed visiting with Uncle Clarence and Elmira. I would love to talk with you again! My son actually READ your book (he usually scans through things and says he read it). He was so interested. He wants to go visit uncle Clarence next weekend with me!.

Keep on sharing sister! Judy

Hi Theresa,
As we have said to each other before, some things happen for a reason. It was great catching up with each other today and am excited to get together for a cup of tea and a warm conversation.
Your have always been an awesome person and I treasure your friendship. I have learnt much from you and I am sure there is more to learn. :) I took the medicine wheel test and have to say that it predicted me as a west and what made me laugh the most is that I am a westerner transplanted to the east. LOL Keep up with the great work my friend. Love your website.


Hi Theresa, I'm an East person. :) After reading the results and profiles I'm betting you are too. This weekend has reconnected me with what's important; not required. Taking the time today to have a good look at your website and not feel rushed is such a nice feeling. I "probably" will start work sometime today but I'm enjoying a bit of the day first. :)

E.S. aka Emily (lol)

Your website features are really cool. I like it's appearance. I found it user friendly and that's the main thing of your site.

The teaching on the site, the spirituality, and the importance of the wisdom of the Elders, Respect and Honor.
Wa'la'lin. Keep up the good work.

Tom Saulnier

Thank you for putting this information together. Very informative!. My great grandfather was named Frank Meuse.


Someone posted a link to the medicine wheel test so I checked it out. My results said south. So I spent some time here checking things out and enjoyed reading a few different things, (especially humor)
pretty good website


I found your site interesting and educational. I took the Medicine Wheel test. It was great to meet you today.

Brenda Putnam

Thank you for sharing this information with us. Very interesting.

Lindsay Rice

I tried out the medicine wheel test and found it fitting to who I am. I came across your site while searching for medicine wheel assessments. I will certainly be back and also shared the link with a few friends :) - miigwetch

Sylvia EB
Wpg, MB

Love your site and will send to my granddaughter's who will enjoy learning of their heritage. My great grandfather was Mattie Mitchell, renowned Mi'kmaq Indian guide. My mother was Madeline Duhart of Corner Brook Newfoundland and both myself and oldest brother was born there and moved to the States in 1946. Six more children were born in Illinois to my parents.

I took the medicine wheel test and am "EAST"~
I will go thru your site with a "fine tooth comb" and a cup of tea~
Thank you!
My son, Shaun, had put a link to your site on facebook~
That is how I found you!

Lucy Mason
Independence, MO

A big thank you to all who have signed the guest book to date. You have helped to bring the number of web site hits to 14,969. It is always amazing to learn how people find the site and even more so where people live. Hope you continue to visit and share with others. We'lalin

Santelas (Theresa)

Hi Thersa,
Thank you for sharing this information. You have touched on many aspects of your culture. I especially enjoyed the older pictures and your family history.

Sue Penney

Your website was very interesting and educational. My daughter is doing a project for school on the Bear River lst Nation, and the information you have was very helfpul. We especially enjoyed the section on Spirituality which show the meaning of different things. Thank you so much for sharing your way of life....

Marielle Hope and Abbie Hope from Yarmouth, N.S.

Thank you for all the hospitality you showed us when our school came to bear river, I had an amazing time and hope to visit again sometime. :)

Dawn Clark

Hello Theresa, (Santeles)

Thank you so much for all the information you have shared with the postings you have on your website. They are really nice and wonderful to read and learn from. Many teachings here.

Many blessing and Welalioq,
Marilyn Francis

Marilyn Francis,
Mi'kma'ki Nugumijk,
Acadia First Nation

This website is a wealth of information. I am a new student to Mi'kmaq culture and this site has greatly increased my knowledge.Thank You.

Water Lily

Dear Theresa - I very much enjoy your site. I am a cajun from South Louisiana and the more I study and research my ancestors the more Lejeunes, Meuses, Rimbaults and Amiraults I discover and I realize much of my ancestory is truly Mi'kmaq ! I would love very much to visit and learn more about Mi'kmaq spirituality and get to know my distant cousins. Some Mi'kmaq gave me the name "Gi Gassuinu" or he who teases which fits me but I would like to know how to pronounce it and is it appropriate.

Kevin Reese, Lafayette, Louisiana

Your website made me feel as if I had stumbled upon something worthwhile. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and awareness.

Neil Grahn

My cousin has recently moved to Bear River and emailed me your site. This was a perfect day with the rain pooring down to get my cup of tea and enjoy it!
Very interesting and I will forward it on to others in my family who have an interest in your culture.
I was born in the direction of the west.

Marilyn Woods

Thank you so much for this beautiful website. It is so kind and generous, informative and inspiring. I'm sure it is a reflection of it's creators!

Brenda Marita, Nictaux, NS

Greetings from Listuguj.

Mark Joseph Sark

Thank you for creating this wonderfull site. I am an art student researching 'Spirituality', I couldn't have found a more perfect place!

Julie Wright

Really helpful. This Is By Far One Of The Best Sites.


I enjoyed this site very much. Thank you for all your knowledge.


Sorry for the deletion of any message. Administration error occurred. Please resend. Wela'lin



What a wonderful site, I plan to share this site with my colleagues so that they better understand the Mi'kmaq culture. Thanks

Insp. Ruth McLea
OIC Aboriginal & Diversity Policing
RCMP - Nova S

WuyGhh Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, I'm from Switzerland I and find your site really brilliant!

Samuel Smith, Switzerland

Great site I've been looking for site about Mi'Kmaq culture.
glad to have found yours

Patricia Thibault Yarmouth

Thank you all for your wonderful web site "sincere" comments. They are truly appreciated. And our apologies for all the unnecessary comments that get through from time to time. As some of you may have noticed, there are those who get confused in what kind of messages to leave. We do try and stay on top of them. Also, thanks for your patience while we slack on getting updates and new things on the site. But, hopefully what is here remains enjoyable.

Sincerely, Theresa & Kevin

A participant in our library course introduced me to your work and your website. Congratulations on making your information so accessible and welcoming.

Suzanne Pierson
Faculty of Education
Queen's Uni

Hi Theresa... A very nice website.. from what I have read so far.....I will read the rest of it later. Easy to see a lot of work went into it....By the way,I always have my "cup of tea" with me. I did take the "medicine wheel test", I am a "West" person.

Debbie Freeman

Hi Theresa,
I love your website. Living so far away from family, this helps me to keep in touch. I will share this with your cousins, many whom you've never met and somehow, it may help to bring you all closer. Keep up the great work..my love to you all.
Love, Aunt Pat

Aunt Pat Paskow, Waterford,NY

Theresa this site is amazing. Your quotes at the beginning of the story section really spoke to me. My grandchildren are enjoying the site as well.

Katharine Owen

Hello Telas! Congratulations to you & your husband on this excellent website! I'll be back to your site for another visit ... wishing you all the best, jodie

Jodie Turner

Theresa & Kevin:
Excellent, 1 million times, if only we could draw all those stars that many times. But yes, Theresa, we can. One night just look over the sky and you and kevin, look at what the Creator has drawn above us all. All the stars, millions of them. You have both an Excellent site, i enjoyed the Medicine Wheel Test immensely, it fit to a Tee. Amazingly our personalities are either N,S.E.W. and how we interact are based on all parts of norms, etc. Way to go.
Look forward to seeing more.

Best Wishes
Franklin & Adela

Good morning! Keep up this great resource.

Michael J.Isaac

Thank you for your hard work, I hope that people of all cultures explore your site to see the world of the Mi'kmaq, to get to know of our pre-euro contact conditions and our ways and manners. We did not lose our roots and our history for they are crying to be told to all and thanks to sites like this I feel that deed is being done.


Hello Theresa....thanks for your kind e-mail. I visited both yours and your brother's web sites and really enjoyed them. You have much to share with the world. I believe you have much to teach me. I wish you all the best in your writing endeavors. As you know it is a challenging and sometimes lonely discipline. But the joy of seeing children "get it!" is all worth it. Again, thanks for your kind words.

Ben Mikaelsen - Author
"Touching Bear Spirit"

I found your website totally by accident and truly enjoyed it. It is a wonderful place to visit with "the cup of tea". Your site is as welcolming as the people from your reserve. Thank you.


Hi Theresa
Great Website, I always knew you would do good things with your life. I'm proud to count you as a friend.

Debi Pearce (Lefurgey)

Hello Theresa,
Found your site through my dad's site (Gilbert Sewell's guestbook) I think your site is amazing. Peace and light to you and yours.


Hi Theresa,

I just received your website address and have spent the last hour or so enjoying this marvelous discovery. My Mi'kmaq heritage is so very important to me and this site will be so useful for so many, many reasons. Blessings to you and your husband for the kindness and insight in sharing your wisdom and stories. May my walk, and the walk of those I tell my stories to, be continuously enlightened by your kindness.

Grandmother Heather Sole (Healing Wind)

Leland passed the link to your site on to me. Thank you for the time and energy you have put into this site to help educate and bring together the Mi'Kmaq people and their culture... oh, and I just so happen to be drinking a cup of tea while searching your site.. ha! We are all related! We'lalin,

Lynne Waters

I love you and your husband's site! It is very informative and easy to navigate. I was looking for info on your culture and mine (Acadian), as my ancestor and your people fought alongside one another against the British from 1753 to 1763, when he was captured. I have written a book on our family history and will be starting a 3rd book on my ancestor's role at the 2nd massacre at Bloody Creek near Bridgetown. Hope to hear from you sometime. Take care.

PS. On the Medicine Wheel test, I'm a West type.

Phil Johnson

Theresa: Very nice site, looks beautiful. Haven't had time to read it yet but I will.

Elizabeth Paul