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December 13th, 2011

Clay Pots and Bones – Pka’wo’qq aq Waqntal
By: Chief Lindsey Marshall
Solus Publishing, Cape Breton

L’sitkuk – The Story of the Bear River Mi’kmaw Community
By Darlene A. Ricker
Roseway Publishing, Nova Scotia

Memories of Micmac Life
By: J. Richard McEwan
University of New Brunswick

Mi’kmaq Hieroglyphic Prayers
(Readings in North America’s First Indigenous Script)
Edited & Translated By: David L. Schmidt & Murdena Marshall
Nimbus Publishing, Halifax

Mi’kmaq – Maliseet Nations News (Monthly Atlantic First Nation Newspaper)
By: Eastern Woodland Publishing
Truro, Nova Scotia

Mikwite’lmanej Mikmaqi’k (Let us remember the old Mi’kmaq)
By: Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq, Truro
Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archeology, Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts
Nimbus Publishing Ltd, Nova Scotia

Muinji’j - Become a Man
By Saqamaw Mi’sel Joe
Breakwater, St. Johns, Newfoundland

Out of the Depths (Residential School Survivor’s Stories)
By Isabelle Knockwood
Roseway Publishing, Nova Scotia

Planting the Seed Series –
(On the Web Site, under the heading - “documents”)
- First Nation Orientation Guide (PDF)
- First Nation Spirituality (PDF)
- First Nation Human Resource (PDF)

Poems of Rita Joe (Multiple Books by Rita Joe)
By: Elder Rita Joe
Abenaki Press, Nova Scotia

The Feather Effect – Understanding the Architecture of Cross-Cultural Bridge Building
By Hampton and Hampton
Colchester East Hants Health Authority, Nova Scotia

The Micmac (How their Ancestors Lived Five Hundred Years Ago)
By Ruth Holmes Whitehead & Harold McGee
Nimbus Publishing Ltd, Nova Scotia

The Mi’kmaq Anthology (Collection of Mi’kmaq Poems & Stories)
Edited By Rita Joe & Lelsey Choyce
Pottersfield Press, Nova Scotia

The Mi’kmaq Anthology – Volume 2
In Celebration of the Life of Rita Joe
Edited By Theresa Meuse, Lesley Choyce & Julia Swan
Pottersfield Press, Nova Scotia

The Sharing Circle (Children’s Stories on First Nation Culture)
By Theresa Meuse-Dallien
Nimbus Publishing, Nova Scotia

The Stick People & The Stick People II
(Shared Legends Passed down from Generations)
By: Walgwasiet – Sunset Rose ((Rose Knockwood- Morris)
Mukla’qati Books, Nova Scotia

Virgin Bones (Belayak Kcikug’nas’ikn’ug)
By Shirley Bear
McGilligan Books, Toronto

Voices of the Tent
By David Gehue (Assisted by Joyce Atcheson)

We Were Not The Savages (Third Edition)
Collision between European and Native American Civilizations
By Daniel N. Paul
Fernwood Publishing, Nova Scotia

March 11th, 2011

Well, with life keeping us busy, we have not be able to add too many new things to the web site. We hope you are still enjoying what is provided and hopefully in the near future we will add some new things. Enjoy!

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January 21st, 2010

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